Serial Killers : A Serial Killer

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Serial Killers have been present all over the world for a very long time. They kill innocent people every day for nor reason. They commit murder after murder and still continue the process. In some cases determining if someone will be a serial killer is much harder than other cases. In the case of Andrew Cunanan who was a serial killer, had killed over four people in just one year. There was no evidence in his childhood that would predict he would be become a serial killer so it was very surprising to see how a little boy could transform into a murderer. However, he wasn’t always a serial killer. He started off as just as a child but very smart child. Andrew Cunanan was born August 31st, 1969 in San Diego, California. His parents were Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne. His father was a disciplinarian although he wasn’t violent, he was very prestige cautious. His mother on the other hand was religious. He was the youngest child out of his four siblings. When he was born, his parents’ marriage was slowly fading. His mother had chronic depression and he was raised primarily by his father. As a child, Cunanan was very smart. He had a genius IQ level. He enjoyed reading adventure books and comic books. He had the master bedroom in his house. Only one in all his siblings to attend Pricey prep school His older brother Christopher said Andrew was raised with special treatment. He wasn’t open about his gayness to his family. His sister confronted him about it once, but he denied it. After his father retired from the navy, he went to private school in San Diego in his early teens. There, he experienced homosexual encounters and was open about his sexual conquest. He had a flamboyant and attention seeking nature. He was psychically mature fo... ... middle of paper ... ...yone with me I could.” In 1997 he was scared he might have gotten aids because of his actions. His motive for killing all these people was possibly because he thought they could have given him aids. Cunanan never got jail time for the murder because he died before there could be a trial. He was in a boathouse in South Beach Florida and police had the boat house surrounded. Cunanan shot himself and died inside of the boat house in 1997. From the evidence portrayed by his actions it’s clear to say Cunanan was a dangerous serial killer that needed to be stopped. He murdered people in such a brutal ways using saws, hammers, and guns. It is unbelievable that someone would kill people like this back to back all in the same year. It is important that law enforcement do their best to prevent serial killers like Andrew Cunanan from killing people in the near future.

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