Sentencing And Sentencing Of The Buffalo District Court

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With going to court made everything thing so far that we have been learning in class much understandable even though there was some word that they was using that i didn 't really understand to much. When I went to go visit the courts downtown in Buffalo on April 7,2016 and April 8, 2016 they were both different case but had to deal with drugs one was Preliminary sentencing and Sentencing and I went to go see arrangement, going court made you realize that the way it 's on television is nothing like how it really happens in real life. The first that I went to court was at the Buffalo District Court and with Judge Michael J. Roemer at 2:30pm-3:30pm and the case was an preliminary sentencing, U.S V. Omar Aponte a/k/a Chambo, 29, of Buffalo NY, was arrested and charged with attempt to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine. The charge carries a minimum penalty of 5 years and maximum penalty of 40 years in prison. He had suspicious packages coming from Puerto Rico to his mother 's house and in her name who is in rehab for drug use. On the date of march 24, 2016 was when the U.S post office got the package and noticed something unusual with the packages because the address in Puerto Rico could be found, so automatically the system had put and warning on that the sender and the receiver of the package. Then another package came from Puerto Rico with a different sender, but same receiver and on March 25,2016, and since there was an warning with the first package the US. post office did a search of the package and found cans of beans and other food in the package, but notice that the cans of beans were opened then resealed so they open the cans and saw two plastic bags of cocaine. The post office cont... ... middle of paper ... ...n danger, because of all the names he gave to the federal government who was involved in the crime he is in the jail as them and at any point one of them might hurt him in jail . He has 5 kids and 3 of them are in foster care, and have had a criminal background since an young aged Clark claims that he is ready to step up and be a man and to started to take care of his kids. The persecutor really didn 't say anything beside clear up some confused that the judge did not understand.The judge believed that he is a change man and gave his a speech about doing go and getting his life back on track for his kids and sentence him 5 year and will move him to and facility in Buffalo so that his family will be able to visit him and will be safe, but since he already did 3 year so he only have to serve 2 years and when he get out he will be released with supervision for 4 years.

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