Self Reflective Reflection

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For everything we do, even if it is our best performance, there is always room for improvement. It could not be different in a career such as teaching. Teachers are always self-reflecting to analyze and evaluate their own teaching methods in order to find out what works and what needs to improve. With this information in hand, teachers can come up with strategies to improve certain areas of their teaching. There are many tools teacher can use to self-reflect. As a teacher, I will continually evaluate the effects of my professional decisions and actions on students through self-reflective journals, video recordings, students’ formal and informal assessments, peer support, student and parent evaluation, and suggestion box. A self-reflective journal is a good way to keep records and reflect upon what happened during a lesson. I plan to, at the end of each day, jolt down a few comments about what worked in my lessons, what didn’t work, and how I would modify the lesson to better support my students’ development. As this information will be recorded, I can always come back to it for reference when preparing future lessons. I also plan to often read the information on this journal so I can constantly remind myself of what strategies worked and what strategies didn’t work. Video recording is another good self-assessment tool that I…show more content…
Students’ success is the teacher’s success. Therefore, if my students’ were failing their standardized exams (formal assessment), it might be because I am lacking to provide them the information and skills needed to succeed. On the same token, if my students’ are thriving, it means my strategies are successful. I will also use informal assessment, such as observation, running records, and anecdotal records, amongst others, to assess students, and in turn my teaching, to provide a learning environment where students can reach their full

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