Positive Relationship Essay

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Committed to developing positive relationships with students and other staff. I have learned that building these relationships is successful in teaching. By building positive relationships with students they feel more comfortable asking for help and doing their best in the classroom. My student who had moved here from a different school asked for my help with his classes. By having this positive relationship with this student I was able to talk to him about what subjects he was having trouble in and find solutions on how to help him. By helping my student not give up on reading dolch words and forming that positive relationship, he was able to successfully conquer all but two words. This positive relationship that I built gained his trust and helped him gain the self confidence…show more content…
This semester I came in not knowing how to self-reflect on my performance, I would often get offended if people would tell me I was doing something wrong. By self-reflecting on my performance I was able to adjust my instructional methods to best fit my students. I found that I should provide guided notes to help students follow along my presentation on PowerPoint. Through my self-reflection of my lesson, students would often get off task when we would go over the PowerPoint. I found that providing guided notes helped students pay attention and better retain the material. I also self-reflected on positive things I did during my lessons, such as stating the agenda to give my students a heads up on what we were going to talk about that day. I made a changes to my previous lessons to include reviewing of the agenda. I also found that I did not need to put students in groups during my science lesson because they all worked better independently. I learned to view myself critically to analyze how I could better teach a lesson, and to critically view my performance from different
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