Self Education Vs Personal Education

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You always have a choice.
. The truth is your are free to choose, it can build you or it can drain you. Often it enables us to tell the world who we are because the fear of the consequences of our choices. The choices are yours. Make it wisely and worth while. Malcolm X is one of the greatest inspiring man who has proven to the world self education can make an impact rather than formal education. In learning to read, Malcolm X answers the question, “what’s your alma matter?” His response was “Books” (6). It all began in the Charlestown Prison. Although he spent his life in prison with no educational support as a student would expect from formal education. The only tool and guidance he had towards education been a dictionary. It was a matter
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Matter of fact he stated that he had never been felt free in the prison and college was nothing more but just a distraction for him. This indicates reasons for Malcolm X to believe self education is superior to formal education. Though he has the right to voice his beliefs according to his successful journey in the prison but in my case I object. I disagree with the statement self education is much more preferable than formal education. I believe self education is important but doesn’t provide the accurate guidance. While formal education can guide you what’s right and wrong. You get the opportunity to make corrections from the mistakes you’ve made and learn more efficiently from it and your surroundings. You are being able to observe, hear and speak which is why you have higher chances to lean more this way. In my assumption I believe self education is the determination towards learning. Formal education is the path you follow to succeed. To achieve success…show more content…
It was a fresh new start. I decided to abandon all my old habits adapt something new. I begin to participate in class. With out putting pressure on my self for hours trying to understand the concept on my own I spoke about it. I observed and I learned. I determined my self to enjoy what I was master at. They lectured, shared ideas and I learned. It became guidance for me to focus more on what I was learning. In the long run when the time had came for our finial grades; I witnessed a major improvement in my grades. I passed all the courses with excellent grades. I got my self out of probation. Now I am on good academic standing. Nothing compared to the moment when I saw the massive improvement in my education. It was more like a miracle to me. Exactly one year ago I was hopeless. I had no ambition. Horrible student and today I have over come all the obstacles. I conquered a better outcome. I made it. If it wasn’t for that art class, today I would have been a hopeless soul. This is why I believe it is essential to go for formal education. Sometimes it opens up many doors while exploring the journey of education. On day it will hit you. It just clicks. You realize what’s important and what isn’t. You realize how far you’ve come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that they’d never recover. It’s important to put passion and determination into anything not just education. Educate your self first
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