Segregation In Education

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Segregation has occurred for many years and can be seen in today’s times. In the 1900s, segregation blew up in American education, and it has made a huge impact in education to create diversity in the classrooms. The schools were considered to be “separate but equal”. Also, the schools were effecting the American people and impacted on today’s education. Many people came forward to better education for all and end segregation. This was the start of desegregating America and America’s communities and schools. Without people standing up for what is right, America would still be a segregated country. Disadvantages and Benefits of Segregation The segregation started with the neighborhoods and had a domino effect into the public schools (Scafidi, 2015). During the twentieth century, the classrooms in schools were “separate but equal,” as said above. This meant that everyone had equal education but were put into separate rooms or buildings based on the color of their skin. Not only did color of their skin play a role in segregation, but also the finical income for a household or also known as socioeconomic status (Owens, 2016). These factors in will lead students with low income families to have a daunting future in academics and occupational outcomes in life. The major disadvantage that some schools had with segregation was the achievement gap. This will happen when parents of low income families or immigrates have little knowledge English and education. These same homes might not be able to afford a car or cannot give their child opportunities to go to after-school and summer activities (Rothstein, 2014). These opportunities could have helped them expand their education and develop life skills. This created isolation ... ... middle of paper ... ...ds and have rough home lives. It is hard for the students to learn outside of schools because the lack of resources and support at home, like the twentieth century. In conclusion, segregation and desegregation have made an impact on today’s education. Without people fighting, there would have been no progress. Segregation in America has shown what happens when many people come together and fight for what is right. Segregation has had its disadvantages and benefits. It might not have been what people wanted, but it soon started to desegregate. Students with low-income or black families struggle to find safe environments for their family. If they could they would be able to obtain the resources they need to better their education. Segregation is still around and will continue to shadow the nation, unless people start now and better education for all students.
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