Disadvantages of Black Americans in 1950's

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Disadvantages of Black Americans in 1950's Black Americans faced many disadvantages during the 1950's. In short they were discriminated; from public services, to cafés and restaurants. After the American Civil War in 1865, black people in the American south were no longer slaves. But they had never gained equality with whites. Blacks had remained second classed citizens throughout their movement to America, with the worst paid unskilled jobs in farms and factories. The schools that had been made for black people were extremely poor, with very books throughout each school and classes ranged from 40 - 50 children per class. This was not the case with white people and their schools. The white peoples schools flourished with books, equipment and the classes were kept low with manageable sizes. Good teachers had been employed to teach each class, but on the other hand with black schools, teachers who did not have particularly good skills were taught, and all the teachers would also be black. One of the most famous cases of segregation that was brought to public attention was that of the Linda Brown case. The particular issue was whether a black girl, Linda Brown could attend a local, all-white school. Linda had to walk over twenty blocks to get to her school in Topeka even though there was a local school just down the road. Linda's class at her school in Topekawas big, the classrooms were shabby and their were not enough books for each child. The all-white school down her road was much better off, better education with a lot better teaching materials. The poor quality education and environment at Linda's school was because the Topeka Board of Education spent much more money on the white school than on Linda's school for blacks. This frustrated Linda's father, Oliver Brown so much that he took the Board of Education to court. He lost his battle. (Possibly a large contributing factor was he was a black man took the board of education to a court run by highly paid white judges).
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