Security Interests of US.

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Traditionally, a sovereign states’ border bound a group of people to a common purpose and a sense of nationalism. Gradually expansionism, industrialization, technology, and communication improved and these obstacles became a graphic on a map. This paper will analyze and define globalization and discuss two transnational issues that challenge US National Interests.
Globalization is the new world order in which states are interdependent on each other and borders no longer restrict the flow of ideas, information, commerce, and politics. Globalization increases the standard of living, decreases poverty, and ensures the stability and security of each sovereign state by making war to costly to conduct. Globalization spreads the control of power from the governments to the citizens by spreading the wealth of knowledge and capital to every individual helping eliminate tyrants and increasing human rights. Globalization affects all aspects of daily life from the economy to education. Although the benefits of globalization are immense, there are negative affects to increased globalization. ...
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