American Exceptionalism In Eric Rauchway's Blessed Among Nations

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740 words

The dispute that throughout “American Exceptionalism”, is an ancient perception of which becomes a well-respected idea that is idealistically important throughout history, it makes what America will become and forever be known as. It reflects on the ideas of foreign policies to become what we call America today; in which it remains the current movement in globalization. Eric Rauchway, Blessed Among Nations, explains that globalizations the movement of the regional economies, societies, and cultures that is combined through a constituent network of communication to lower a violation of social more, which makes America a world-wide leader in combating the cultural violation to these social mores. In our time, it seems that globalization has become an large extent the product of American policies since WWII.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how eric rauchway's "american exceptionalism" reflects on the ideas of foreign policies to become what we call america today.
  • Analyzes rauchway's argument that the american way of life is neither good nor bad, but rather a better or worse adapting to the american environment.
  • Explains how the united states became the world's largest borrower after the civil war. the sturdiness of america financial market was dependent on the foreign market, with investors mostly the british.
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