Secession Speech

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To all the great people of South Carolina, it is our time to take action. Our own country is ready to take our honorable state down and we will not comply. As the political leaders of our great state, we need your approval to secede from the United States to form a sovereign and just nation for our state. The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln will begin the demise of the Southern lifestyle, such as abolishing slavery. This will additionally have a negative impact on our state because the blacks will become free and steal our jobs. Additionally, the North will become much more powerful than our state and we will not have much power in Congress. The country we helped form has turned their back on us, we have to act. The actions of the North are dangerous to our lifestyle, and our great state will have to be bold and become a prosperous nation that will not oppress its citizens. The United States is trying to move toward a new cultural change in the government where the ideals of North states are overarching the needs of the Southern states. This trend is not favorable for South Carolina because the North does not have the knowledge of what the South needs to succeed. The North is doing whatever it needs to improve its situation without considering the implications of excluding the South from the plans of the future. The South cannot compete with the North trying to unconstitutional take advantage of the South due to their governmental size. The South cannot compete with the Northern supremacy in the government because they are trying to oppress Southern ideas. South Carolina does not have to keep taking the changes that the government is implementing because the North is not helping the South. South Carolina can seced... ... middle of paper ... ...he oppression of the North. The South is being taken over in Congress because the North is implementing their policies. The inauguration of President Lincoln will hurt all chances of Southern policy because he is going to make this country much different than what it should be. Additionally, the conflict of white and black employment in our state will create issues that do not need to happen. The state of South Carolina has a strong and storied history that the United States was tearing apart. South Carolina will benefit from getting rid of connection with the United States because they do not have the same ideals. Your vote will be important because South Carolina does not need to continue with North oppression. Creating a sovereign nation that will have the ideals that the North does not agree with, but South Carolina will greatly benefit from in the future.
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