How Did Edward And John Rutledge Influence The Government

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Born into a rich family, both Edward and John Rutledge took part in the law. Edward went on to study at Oxford and at the age of 27 attended Congress but left Congress in 1776 in order to aid in his colonies defense. Being in the Charleston Battalion of Artillery, Edward fought in several important battles eventually becoming a captain. He was sent back to Congress in 1779 but left again in 1780 when the British invaded South Carolina for a third time. From 1782 to 1796 he served in the legislature of his native state and was determined to prosecute or find guilty, the British Loyalists. He was also elected to the Senate twice and then was elected to the title of Governor 1789. Due to health conditions, Rutledge was barely able to complete his term as governor and died in January of 1800.…show more content…
There were those that wanted to stay apart of the Union which were Unionists, those that wanted to secede, but with other states were Cooperationists, and those that wanted to secede immediately were Secessionists. Secessionists or Fire Eaters, thought that the only way to solve the conflicting views of the South and North was to secede or break away immediately without any other states' help. Secessionists were ready to secede as early as 1852, eight years before the election of Abraham Lincoln. Due to the division of South Carolinians the state did nothing until 1861. When Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 South Carolina, as a whole, saw what the Secessionists did. Due to the events of the 1850's and the recent election South Carolina
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