School Uniforms and Dress Codes

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A school uniform is a set of clothing that a student is required to wear in order to go to that school. Uniforms are a way to distinguish the students of a specific school. Some schools use school uniforms in order to reduce the amount of “skippers” in their schools. Other schools use school uniforms in order to encourage discipline. If a school doesn’t have a uniform then they should have a strict dress code. Dress codes are a set of rules, specifying the required style at which you should dress in. Dress codes are used in order to make sure kids aren’t wearing improper clothing, in a school setting. (Marian Wilde; Do uniforms makes schools better ?) School uniforms are a specific set of clothes a school assigns that the students are obligated to wear. In that case school dress codes are just a set of rules that are made in order to make a safe school environment. The difference between the two is that a uniform is a required set of clothes for everyday that you go to school, while as in a dress code you can wear any different sets of clothing, that are based on a set of rules. So then I ask myself, “If a school doesn’t have a school uniform, what benefits can come from a dress code?” One of the main reasons for a school dress code is the safety of the school, without a dress code a school is vulnerable to almost any predator. With a dress code the amount of violence is decreased and student achievement is increased. The discrimination of the economic status is reduced; it isn’t diminished, but reduced. Dress codes also ban a lot of clothing that isn’t appropriate for a school setting. Most school dress codes don’t allow female students wear hats, exposed underwear, shirts with a spaghetti strap, exposed back or stomach, or sho... ... middle of paper ... ...ith one another. Not only will there still be violence in the school but there will still be violence after school. So if schools are trying to get rid of violence they still aren’t getting rid of violence. If there are no school uniforms in a school then a strict dress code should be enforced, in order to have a worthy learning environment. I don’t think school uniforms should be enforced, because they don’t stop they negative things that they want to stop happening in schools. In order to stop these negative things they need to find other ways to provide a healthy school environment. School uniforms are meant for several things, the main and most important things are to stop school violence and discrimination in schools. The thing is that school uniforms help students find other ways to discriminate, and violence cannot be stopped no matter what the school does.
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