School Lunch: Mcdonald's Or Subway?

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Today’s school lunch: McDonald’s or Subway?

Fast food in schools: healthy or not? Could you imagine if your favorite fast food restaurants were offered at your school? Even though standard fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut have high-calorie foods, there are other healthy options like Panera Bread and Chipotle. Whether you want french fries and burgers, or fresh salads and sandwiches, you could have that choice! Fast food should be allowed in schools because it gives students a larger range of food options and healthier choices at lunch.
You may be thinking that fast food is unhealthy, and at most fast food places it is. But, there are healthy options at restaurants that are considered “fast food”. Fast food means that the restaurant that you go to
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There are not a lot of options, it’s either the main course or an Uncrustable sandwich. When we don’t want what the school has for lunch, a lot of kids (that don’t have a cold lunch) won’t eat lunch. If fast food is an option at school, that would not be a problem. A fast food restaurant called Noodles & Company offers many different, organic dishes from various cultures including Asian, Japanese, Italian, and American. There are even gluten free and vegan meals. The typical dishes at Noodles are around $5-8 for large portions. At school, we could downsize the servings so that it would have a smaller price, like $2-6. When students are still hungry, they could order something small like a salad or soup. Not only are those healthier options, they are also the correct portions that will fulfill hunger without overeating and gain weight. Since regular school lunch is about $3 per meal. On average that is $15 a week and not including a la carte items (which are ice cream, cookies, chips, and donuts; not healthy). For fast food, it could be $15-35 a week. That is more expensive, but you would be getting more for your money by buying quality
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