Importance Of Fast Food

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Fast food is found all around the globe, from little towns to the biggest cities. Now, there are so many different fast food restaurants to choose from, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Panda Express, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s, and many more. Millions of people eat at fast food restaurants each day. They eat it for many reasons. Fast food is popular because it’s convenient, cheap, addictive and tastes good. One of the factors making fast food popular is that it is convenient. Not only can people eat fast food “while steering the wheel of a car” (CBS), but they’re “easy to get to” (American Dietetic Association). In the continental United States, no one is more than 145 miles away from one of the 13,000…show more content…
Going to a fast food restaurant for any of those reasons is very convenient for the customer.
Another part of fast food restaurants is the diversity of their menus. For example, McDonald’s has 21 breakfast items, 13 different burgers, 15 different meals that include chicken, which include chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and chicken salads, 5 other kinds of salads, and a wide array of sides, desserts and drinks. Other restaurants have even more dishes to choose from. At Taco Bell, customers can get tacos, or at Dairy Queen, they can get sides of one of the many ice cream product they carry.
A couple of personal experiences of mine demonstrate the convenience of eating fast food. Almost every time I went to Boise for soccer practice or a soccer game, I would eat fast food on the way back home. I didn’t want to go find a restaurant that would take half an hour to cook our food, but something quick that my parents and I could eat in the car. Also, when I had to eat quickly right before indoor soccer practice in the winter, I would occasionally go to Burger King. It is faster than making a whole meal and it also wasn’t too
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Others include fat, salt, and sugar (Promises Treatment Centers). Eating fat causes a pleasure sensation which is “similar to that of cocaine or heroin” (Promises Treatment Centers). It also works like those drugs in another way. The more fatty foods someone eats, the more fatty foods they want (Promises Treatment Centers). Sugar and salt also stimulate a pleasure sensation (Promises Treatment Centers). Once we eat some, we want more.
Fast food is also popular because of its taste. In the study done by the American Dietetic Association, 69.2% also said that they bought fast food frequently because they liked the taste. People will buy fast food over other food just because of the taste. If people didn’t like the taste, they wouldn’t go buy fast food, and it wouldn’t be as popular as it is. Fast food is also “pumped full of flavor enhancers” (One Green Planet). These flavor enhancers make the food taste better than it should. Flavor enhancers make fast food more appetizing to
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