Saving The Day To Save The World

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Problems are starting to add up in the world, and the President is putting the duty in my hands to help fix them. My objective to save the day is simple: Put together the best United Nations Commision Board possible, containing famous leaders in history or of today, to stop the madness around the world. The future has brought upon several issues around the globe, including social, financial, and military problems. Therefore, the people I have chosen to sit upon my Commision Board and help save the world are as follows: Calvin Coolidge, Huey Long, Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover, Andrew Carnegie, Harry Hopkins, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Samuel Gompers, and Gen. Douglas MacArthur. These people, in my opinion, are the best for the job and all bring special abilities to the table.
My first selection for the job, Calvin Coolidge, was best known for his ability to promote a
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Carnegie was a very hard working man and strived to make sure he could help in any way possible. He grew up very humble in a small town that was desperate to gain more money for their work. After a failed attempt of being in a movement for more pay, Andrew Carnegie and his wife set sail for the United States. From there, Carnegie became a businessman who would change history. He was in the steel industry and ended up selling his own steel company for $480 million dollars. Andrew wanted to distribute his fortune, and began donating to any cause he could, mostly library funds. He was a very wealthy man that just kept looking forward to share his money. To close out his legacy, he founded the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and started to spread his money out to other countries as well.( Andrew Carnegie would help the Commission by bringing forth friendliness and love. He would do anything to help other people, and on a Commission to end problems around the world, that is all you can ask

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