Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero Dbq

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Andrew Carnegie and his philanthropy made him a hero because he helped more people than harm in the long run, by this I mean he helped other countries. He also sets a great example to everyone that helping others or someone is not something you need to wait to do when you are no longer living. If someone needed help and even a stable person had the choice to help but until they are no longer alive has little meaning. Perhaps it would be too late when the person isn’t around anymore. Its about what someone can do to help when they are around, it is about what a person can do in the time of need even if it is not much but a little of anything can go a long way. In (Doc C) there is a list of amounts of money that Carnegie has donated to various places which in total he has donated well over $271m but aside from that his corporation is giving out about $100m a year, most of it to education (Doc C)…show more content…
He started off in life rather poor and had to go long ways to help his family by finding a job to help his family financially as I said because they weren’t rich. He went from paying $20 annually for rent for the place he was living at to renovating a mansion for $10,000,000. Instead of staying in the situation he was in as a young kid he decided to give himself a great life by working for it. He goes over how a man with a plentiful amount of money who only keeps it to himself is basically a waste and he even says in (Doc B) ‘The man who dies rich dies a disgrace’. In that quote he is basically saying that a rich man should give and help while he is still around. By dying rich this shows that he didn’t help as much as he could, and he kept his fortune to himself. Carnegie is basically saying what is the point of being rich if you can’t help others in good ways. He was so helpful he helped by giving away libraries to other places showing he cares about the education of
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