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When people think of Satanism or anything to do with that subject, they think of evil. People who sacrifice animals, do all sorts of drugs, murderers etc. But Satanism is completely different from what people may perceive it as. Satanism is actually a religion based on finding yourself and following a moral code other than the one society has made. Satanism goes back to ancient times before the birth of Jesus Christ any of the Gods that people worship today. The religion is spreading and is gaining popularity, not just as devil worshippers, but also as a religion.
Satanism is derived from the ancient Egyptian God Set, who is the Prince of Darkness. This God goes back before any of the dynasties were brought. There has been pictures that have dated back to 3200B.C. And inscriptions that date back to 5000B.C. Set is not like the image of Satan, but more of a figure of richness, subtlety and complexity.
The first cult began at the eastern Nile Delta and quickly spread to the borders of Egypt and Libya. Set can also be found in the Great Pyramid of Giza. It has a connection with the Setian afterlife and the solar life. Later, in the fourth dynasty Setian worship died down because of the start of solar worship. Setians’ started up again around 2000 to 1500B.C. The leader of Egypt Hyksos identified himself with Set.
The Pharaohs of Egypt declared Set as being mighty. Set represents the individual who through his own hard work, magical skill, and the use of the resistance of the world becomes divine ( Set was almost destroyed when Christianity took over and identified Set as the modern Satan. And then bloomed during Greek time and spread as far as Great Britain. Then in 1975 the Temple of Set was founded.
In the Temple of Set the only followers are philosophers and magicians. The people with the most power in the temple are called the power of nine which include the High Priest of Set and the Executive Director. Priest/ Priestess, Adept, Magister/ Magistra, Magus/ Maga, and Ipsissimus/ Ipsissima. Adept means that a person has mastered the art of black magic. Priests are the ones who keep the integrity of the temple. They can recognize a person for his excellence or they can expel someone for not maintaining Setian morals.
Setians’ must be with the temple for a year before they can receive higher positions, most of them just stay as priests, but a few number make it to High Priests.
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