Comparing Wicca and Satanism

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From the medieval times to these modern ages, the Wicca religion is still confused with the unmoral religion of Satanism. The Wicca religion has been around for many centuries. The Christian religion has harmed Wicca’s reputation by spreading fear that Wicca is an evil religion; no better than the worshipping of Lucifer. From the witch burnings in the medieval period till now, Wicca has been classified as part of Satanism. Common witch lore and costumes around the time of All Hallows Eve depict witches as evil beings, doing unspeakable things with malicious intent. This is a very common occurrence and is unfair to all that practice the ancient religion. Granted, uneducated people could easily place Wicca in the same category as Satanism; however, these two religions are completely different from each other and Wicca is obviously the better of the two.

Because of the Catholic churches attempts in the medieval times to make more pagan worshipers join, they have made the pagan’s religion into something that was evil and sinister. Anybody who was practicing a religion that was different from their point of views, especially any religion practiced by people they were trying to convert, was evil and they needed to bring to the light of Christ. This was a normal way of thinking for the people from the medieval time period who were oppressed by the Church and had very little education. A very common view was that all “witches” worshiped Satan, did unspeakable acts, stole and killed babies for their potions, and caused mayhem for the common people. For example, if a farmer’s crop failed to harvest much, the most disliked person in town that had no influence, could be the scapegoat of farmer’s anger and frustration. The person who is bein...

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...mixing pot of nationalities. It is ideal to people who are open minded, while Satanism is for people who are against following the natural order of things. They believe that a person can do anything they want without repercussions. It is a wrong and immoral way of thinking.

Satanism and Wicca have been place in the same generalization through out history when Wicca holds no relation with Satanism in any way. Satanism is a religion that is inherently evil, while Wicca, though misunderstood, is a nature-based religion that is about living to the best of ones ability and abiding by the Wicca ways. There is nothing sinister about the Wicca ways. The rule to abide by nature’s laws has made it separate from other religions, especially Satanism. Throughout the centuries, Wicca has been place unfairly in the category of Satanism when it has no ties to the evil religion.
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