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Cults can be bad influences in several different ways. This article is about real facts of why cults make society a much worse place.

Cult- a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

There are different cults all across the world. All different cults have distinctly different beliefs and devotions. For instance, there are some cults that are formed to follow a particular real life figure, and some cults that are formed to follow (or worship) a spiritual being,that might be part of a certain organized religion.

There have been many horrible crimes that have been committed by suspected members of certain cults. There have been crime cases such as , murder, kidnapping, assault, and sexual-assault. It has also been reported that there have been terrorist attacks leading to certain cults that made death threats in the past. In the days following the subway gas attack on March 20, 1995, as suspicion fell on the Aum, most people outside of Japan learned for the first time of this rather obscure Japanese religious sect. To most, their criminal actions of March 20th were out of character for a religious group. Yet, a closer review of the Aum's history show that this group's character had a common thread of criminality leading back to almost the date it was legally chartered. They include murder, attempted murder, kidnappings and burglaries. These incidents, most of which only became known to the outside world in the aftermath of the Tokyo attack, have led many to conclude that Japanese authorities should not have been surprised by either the subway attack or its perpetrators.
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Satanic cults are known to be one of the most darkest cults in the world. There have been reports of Satanic worship across the nation. It is not entirely known of what kind of activity goes on in most Satanic cults, but there are quite a few crimes that have been committed that lead to Satanic worshipers such as, kidnapping, rape, and murder. It also has been reported that people are being kidnapped for so called “religious purposes”. Many believe that people that are kidnapped, are then put into “sacrificial ceremonies” and some believe that they are then “brainwashed” into joining the cult, but it is not a real fact that these events really happened. There have been many court trials over suspected Satanic cult members that have committed major crimes in the past.

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