Satan Attacks the Family

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PROPOSITION: Every Christian needs to be aware of the fact that Satan is trying to destroy all of the families of the Earth. OBJECTIVE: Show the audience what Satan is doing to the family, and how we can overcome his attacks. INTRODUCTION: 1. What is our present condition in relation to the family? 2. What is the spiritual status of our families in this country? 3. In this lesson we will discussed the following points: a. Why Satan is against the family? b. How Satan is attacking the family c. How Christians can withstand Satan’s attack against the family 4. g I. FIRST OF ALL, LET US REALIZE THAT WE HAVE A POWERFUL ENEMY. A. Indeed the Bible tells us that we have a powerful enemy called Satan: B. Notice how the Bible describes him: a. Our enemy (Matt. 13:39) b. The wicked one (I John 5:19) c. The roaring lion (I Peter 5:8) d. The tempter (Matt. 4:2; I Thess. 3:5) e. The hinderer (I Thess. 2:18) f. The old Serpent (Rev. 12:9) g. The accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10) h. The god of this world (II Cor. 4:4) i. The murderer from the beginning (John 8:44) j. The liar of all times (John 8:44) C. Each of these descriptions shows us what he is trying to do with all of us. D. We must not underestimate this powerful enemy. E. He has won many battles over many Christians who live a life contrary to God’s Word. F. Later in this lesson we will consider how we, as Christians, can overcome his attacks. II. WHY SATAN IS ATTACKING THE FAMILY. A. There are many reasons why Satan is trying to destroy every family. Let us consider a few of these reasons: a. He knows God created the family, and therefore, he will try to destroy everything God has created. b. He knows that God has given certain stipulations for the family to succeed. This is why Satan is trying to keep families away as possible from God’s Word. c. He knows that a faithful family is what keeps the world going in a better direction, and for a better influence. d. He knows that a faithful family is needed for the church to continue serving God. Satan knows that children are the present and the future of the church). e. He knows that if he destroys the family, preachers, deacons, and elders will not be available to serve in the church. f. Satan will try to destroy whatever is very good, and families are “very good” (Genesis 1:31). B. Let us open our eyes and see what Satan is trying to do. C. Sadly to say, many families are not aware of what he is trying to do. Let us wake up to reality!
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