Saputara Hill Station In The Dang City Of Sahyadrai

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Generally Hill station refers to a town in the low mountain region of a country which usually stands a holiday resort during the hot season. One of the finest sights- seeing place located in the Dang district of Gujarat is Saputara hill station. Saputara is a city as well as a hill station situated amidst the top of Sahyadri range and better to be called as paradise on earth.
Saputara, the paradise is resting on a plateau belonging to Dang forest area of South Gujarat State at an altitude of 1000 meters i.e., approximately 3000 feet. If one wants to travels to Saputara-it takes 172 kilometers from Surat,80 kilometers from Nashik,280 kilometers from Mumbai,420 kilometers from Ahmedabad and 603 kilometers from Rajkot. The name” Saputara” refers to the snakes and an image of snake is worshipped by the local community people at the banks of River Sarpagana.
Over a period of time, Saputara has been developed as a complete hill resort with the below said amenities:
• Hotels
• Parks
• Swimming pools
• Boat clubs and restaurants
• Theatres
• Museums
• Cottages and travelers huts
• Guesthouses
Saputara Hill station comprises of the following sightseeing spots:
 Saputara Hill Station houses the elegant historical monument named as Hatgad Fort. The significance of Hatgort fort is that the fort relates to Maratha King Shivaji. Hatgort fort is situated near Saputara Lake close To Maharashtra State and hence an ideal place for trekking. The area around the fort houses many of the popular hotels and resorts suiting to the needs of various tourists.
 Another green spot at Saputara is Vansda National park which covers approximately an area of twenty four square kilometers. The park i...

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...l Bardipura forest which is located just 60 kilometers away from Saputara. The forest is the best place for bamboo rest spots and for trekking.
Finally to say, with all the above sight-seeing spots, definitely Saputara is a paradise on earth.
The climatic conditions at Saputara are moderate and the place does not witness extreme temperature variations. Monsoon rains adds spice to the climatic conditions and serves to be an exotic place of visit.
There are many Hotels. Travel huts, Cottages, Guest Houses in and around Saputara. Of many, Udhay Hill Resort, Anando Hotel seems to be the popular places of rest.
It is so hard to conclude on the exotic features of Saputara Hill station. Yet on a bird view understanding, it can be concluded that with the natural boons imbibed at Saputara- it shines as a feast for thirsty eyes, relaxable mind and body.
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