Samual Adams

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Samuel Adams
“The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they should.” By this, he was trying to say don’t take freedom for granted, you have to work on fighting and keeping it free forever. The start of the American Revolution was because colonists living in the 13 colonies wanted freedom and to be let go from British rule. Parliament had been adding taxes to all of their beloved items, drinks, and even papers. The colonists wanted to abolish the unfair laws. It began with the argument that the colonies weren’t being treated the way they would have liked to. This argument kept going on until the American Revolution began to take place. Samuel Adam’s first career was creating a small, but influential group called “Sons of Liberty”. In this group, he organized public political movements to try and protest against the King’s tax changes.
Samuel Adams was born on September 27, 1722 in Boston, Massachusetts. He died October 2, 1803 of Parkinsons disease. His father’s name was also Samuel along with his son. He had 12 other siblings in his family. His son served as a doctor during the Independence. His daughter, Hannah, wasn’t spoken of much. Years later, Samuel Adams 2nd cousin, John Adams, became president of the United States in 1797! He was born into a rich heritage of family where they could just about pay for anything he needed to be successful in life. He ranked 5 out of 22 students in his graduating year of Harvard College for becoming a politician. He received his Masters degree at a top notch school and had a lot of opportunities. Samuel’s great educational ways prepared him for a very active life ahead of him.
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...Master degree in political science, he was ready to become a successful man. As life went on, he created a group named "Sons of Liberty", a group made by founding fathers who protected their rights in every way possible. Being the leader of this group, they made a strong offense to repeal the Stamp Act. This mission was successful, as the Stamp Act was only put into place for a year because of the Sons of Liberty. Since he was a tax collector for 12 years, he really had time to think about Parliament and all of their decisions and choices and his input on them. He was an amazing spokesman. He was very distinguished in his telling as well as the complete details on his ideas. Samuel Adams lived a long and successful life of helping his fellow friends and family to earn and keep the rights that they deserve. His family was very honorable to have such an amazing man.
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