Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

Marriage has long been a traditional aspect of Western Society. It is widely recognized as a ritual between both man and woman. Marriage is deemed as a holy matrimony meant to publically announce a commitment between two heterosexual individuals. For many traditional reasons and religious beliefs the institution of marriage has been denied to homosexuals. Publically opposing the idea of marriage by homosexuals openly shows bias towards equality of citizens under the law and places heterosexuals and homosexuals on separate planes as human beings.

The act of marriage is a sanction between traditionally complementary sexes (male and female) universally seen as a heterosexual ritual. In society marriage presents an amount of faithfulness, aspiring towards fidelity. However through the growth of a greater openness towards homosexuality within society, a debate towards same-sex marriage has become a more prevalent issue. Many oppose the idea of allowing homosexual marriages, in truth it is against religious beliefs. Religiously man and woman...
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