Same Sex Marriage

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White all over, bells clinging in the distance, the weather just as perfect as ever; everything perfect. The moment time stands still as you kiss your partner after the “I do’s.” What if this dream could never come true? Not because you never met the right person but because society did not accept it. That is exactly what is happening to same-sex couples. The fight for same-sex couples to marry legally has been an ongoing debate for many years now. The two loudest voices in this battle seem to come from the gay community and the religious community. Homosexuals are of course fighting for gay marriage to be legal while the Christian based faith attempts to keep it illegal. Some people view same-sex marriage as immoral and a sin, however this ban on marriage violates the inalienable rights each individual should have, discriminates a minority, as well as infringes the true sanctity of marriage that has been established over time.
The Oscar-winning Disney cartoon, Frozen, has been assumed to be pro-gay propaganda according to a Christian radio show in Colorado hosted by Pastor Kevin Swanson of the Reformation Church. Swanson argues that these “gay-culture themes” include how Elsa, the protagonist, has a lack of interest in her male suitors and the song Let It Go is of her celebrating her acceptance of her true identity (Pulver, 5). A lot of people think this bit farfetched, and however true this may be, does it really matter? Watching Frozen will not turn five-year old girls into a lesbians. Despite ignorant belief, people do not “turn” into a homosexual.
Religion and marriage go way back to almost the beginning of time. Brittney Baker’s essay Same-Sex Marriage and Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship, published in a journal of u...

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