Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904 in Catalonia Spain, but wasn’t so unique since he was named after his dead older brother. His parents had a photograph of the first born Salvador Dali Hanging on the wall next to a painting of Jesus, as if a shrine. Salvador was spoiled by his mother and often through temper tantrums. He would idolize her, mainly because she treated him so well compared to his father who was only around on weekends due to his job. He had a desire to be a beautiful women like his mother, and would admire himself in the mirror while hiding his genitals. Salvador also believed he was his brother’s reincarnation, which might have been unsettling for the father who was blamed for the death of the first born son. Salvador had told people that at a young age he had a phobia of grasshoppers according to , but his delusional mind was full of lies and fantasies. At age ten Salvador got his first paint set and began painting. At age 16, Salvador lost his mother to cancer, and his father made things worse by marrying his mother’s sister. states, “In 1922 Salvador Dali moved to Madrid to study painting at the Academy of Arts. Here he began to develop a reputation as an eccentric, attracting attention with his manner of dress, hairstyles, and comments on art.” Later, Salvador became a famous artist due to his surreal artwork. Besides his strange unrealistic artwork, Salvador seemed strange in an unrealistic way himself. He required approval and praise while acting in an over-the-top fashion to put on a show for attention. He was a performer, and even in everyday speech would roll his r’s in an exaggerated ... ... middle of paper ... ... individual to learn from these different classes and someone can’t learn unless they are willing to listen and do as told. I would consider giving him medications such as Xanax or Alprozolam to tranquilize him in a way where he could still function in society and be successful at art, all while being set in a dream like state where he will enjoy and not bother others with his acting out of eccentricity. This may be more of an experiment or short-term study so he does not get addicted like so many stars do to drugs. This may become negative if he experiences a high or hallucination that could make his illusions as misperceptions of life worse. I would do nothing for his Narcissistic behavioral problems since treatment is never successful for it along with nothing for his desire to be like beautiful women since it has not disrupted or disturbed his way of living.

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