Sail Away

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How many people are tired of vacationing in the same DRAB place? How many people are looking for some excitement, new experiences, and a chance to travel the world without depleting your life savings? Cruise ships have always been a luxurious get away from the daily CLUTTER of society. Since, the first transatlantic cruise in the 1900‘s, over 1 billion passengers have set sail for the high seas and half of those passengers are frequent ones. Today, I want to share the insider secrets to why cruising is the best vacation ever and only an experienced cruiser would know. I’m going to explain the ins and outs of planning a cruise and the shortcuts that could save you some hassles when planning the cruise of your dreams. First of all, the best proof of citizenship for traveling worldwide by ship, air, or even by foot is the passport. Practically every continent requires a traveler to have proof of identity. Such a document is a necessity in order to travel freely throughout the world. I must stress the importance of having the required paperwork when traveling in foreign countries that are not your home. Having a passport is essential if you wish to set sail across international waters. Generally, the government says it takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks to get your passport, but I would start applying a year in advance. It’s always easier to be prepared for future problems when you take the steps to avoid it. For instance, my family planned a cruise for December 2009; I didn’t apply for my passport until late November 2009. I was a year behind in applying for my passport and I was AFRAID that I would miss my cruise. I check online for the status of my passport and found out that in order for me to go on the cruise I would have to ... ... middle of paper ... ...citizens. The ship has a European atmosphere with people from New Zealand, South Africa, and even Canada. The activities onboard cater to the young and OLD from clubs, bingo, dance shows, and even karaoke. With so many cruise lines to choose from your sure to find a ship that will cater to your family needs as well as provide the little touches of home. Overall, just like there are hundreds of cities there are also hundreds of cruises ready to set sail on the high seas. You can travel through the EXOTIX jungles of Latin America, sip margaritas in Mexico or battle the DAZZLING snowcaps in Antarctica. Why not start planning now, because all you need is passport, destination and a cruise line. Going on a cruise is a great experience, because who would choose to sit in bumper to bumper traffic on I-4 when you could be sipping a Pina Colada with a cabana boy.
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