SWOT Analysis Of The Internal Environment Of Whole Foods Market

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Internal environment of Whole Foods Markets
Internal environment for Whole Foods Market is developed from strengths and weaknesses of the company from SWOT analysis perspective. Therefore, internal environment is does not solely rely on strengths of the market but also weaknesses that reduce the company’s profitability are included in this analysis. Based on SWOT analysis coupled with Porter’s five forces model, the internal environment of the Whole Foods Market include the following (Berman, 2010, September 21):
• Being the leader in its industry, the company has capitalized on the large market capital and is opening up to foreign countries where food' class='brand-secondary'>organic food is appreciated.
• The company is taking advantage of being a leader in the industries
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Currently, in the organic food market, there are approximately six competitors. However, due to the market leader strategy in the form of pioneering the market, WFM has an upper hand and competitors are acting in providing health competitions in the industry. Competitors are acting like benchmarking companies that learn business and industry strategies from each other. The market is considered green in terms of organic food manufacturing and selling and there are little resources in terms of consumers these companies are fighting to keep. There is a large unsatisfied market hence those competing in the same industry do not seem to really compete but trying to satisfy the…show more content…
Of all the analyzed factors, the problem in the industry is availability of cheap and plenty non-organic foods. While organic foods emphasize on health, it does not provide alternative of cheap foods. Majority of the population, perhaps due to the information they have at hand, consumers prefer buying depending on economies of scale rather than observing their health. For example, a large family will prefer large amount of food, which are cheaper as compared to the same amount of organic food but at double or triple price. Therefore, even competitors of WFM face the same problem of alternative non organic food in the market that come cheap and

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