SWOT Analysis And Strategic Analysis Of The Shell Oil Company

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose of report
The exclusive purpose of this article is to execute a strategic analysis using the SWOT analysis business tool to assess the different internal and external corporate powers and shortcomings (Fine, 2009). From the strategic investigation, we are able to determine the corporate strengths and weaknesses, as well as the probable opportunities and threats in the oil and gas diligence that may smidgeon its effects on the company. A valuation of the strategic analysis will be systematized such that two competitive strategies are proposed. The valuation of the two corporate level strategies will define and outline the manner in which these strategies exploit the strengths to apprehend opportunities and how weaknesses and threats can be extricated and diminished. After the evaluation of two strategies, one of the strategies will be selected, and will further analyze how the management functions of organizing and leading will perform a role in the implementation of the selected solution.

1.2 Company Information
Shell Petroleum is one of world's leading makers of oil, gas and petrochemicals. Shell Oil Company has separated itself through its dedication to industry development. Its promoting finesse has empowered the organization to make up for its generally low volume of unrefined petroleum preparation, as contrasted with its strongest rivals, by offering an identical measure of gas across the country (Media, 2011). Shell is a company subsidized by Royal Dutch Shell (plc.) The organization completes investigation and handling of oil and gas; preparation and advertising of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gas to liquids (GTL); and manufacturing, marketing and transportation of oil items and chemical...

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...xplaining the evaluation and implementation of the strategies. Lastly, business articles aided the evaluation and implementation of the solutions.

1.5 Plan of Report
The construction of this report alleyways firstly, the introduction which gives a detailed outline of the whole report, the company background, the assumptions made while considering information regarding this report and the methodology used to execute information for this report. Succeeding the introduction, the strategic analysis (SWOT) is performed to express the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats endured by Shell Refining Company. Subsequently, an evaluation of two alternative strategies will be prepared. Followed by the evaluation, one of the strategies is implemented and hence discussed critically. And lastly, a conclusion is drawn based on the analysis of the whole report.

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