SMART Boards to Build Math Skills

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Math is one of the fundamental subjects taught in elementary school and is a necessity for overall academic survival. Young learners’ future understanding of mathematics requires an early foundation based on a high quality, challenging, and accessible mathematics education (NCTM, 2013). An engaging and encouraging learning environment helps children develop confidence in their ability to understand and use mathematics. However, math proves to be a difficult subject for many students. In a world filled with technology, it has become increasingly important to incorporate technology based-teaching in the classroom. As new technologies enter the classroom the question is raised as to how these technologies can be used to build math skills. When teachers use these technologies strategically they can provide greater access to mathematics for all students. This paper will examine the use of SMART Boards to facilitate math learning and build math skills. Literature Review In contrast with other technologies seen in the classroom, SMART Boards were designed for whole-class instruction and active engagement. The interactive nature of the technology and state-of-the art software enable teachers to generate activities for students that are engaging, meaningful, and enlightening (Riska, 2010). The SMART Board captures students’ attention in a unique way and engages them in interactive learning. Students and teachers are able to write directly on the screen using special pens and/or his/her finger and can manipulate text and images, view videos, formulate graphs and charts, and design vivid and creative presentations. Interactive board technology such as the SMART Board helps students with different learning styles learn more effectively (Savo... ... middle of paper ... ...trieved from Ladislaw, J. (2008). The use of SMART boards for smarter teaching and smarter learning. Retrieved from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. (2013, October). What is important in early childhood mathematics?. Retrieved from Riska, P. A. (2010). The impact of smart board technology on growth in mathematics achievement of gifted learners. Retrieved from Savoie, M. (2008). Math motivation with smart board technology. Retrieved from
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