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Today’s generation of children and young adults grew up with technology access easily available to them. They carry cell phones that allow instant communication with their friends and instant access to the internet. Research to them means, pulling up an internet browser, typing in a subject and being presented with thousands of choices from which they can choose. Traditional teacher led instruction does not promote the interactive type of learning that technology has allowed students to use. Today’s teacher must learn to include a more interactive style of teaching that the technologically savvy student is wired to understand and enjoy. Interactive based learning engages student’s interests, improves student comprehension, and increases student achievement. Using the range of techniques offered by interactive based learning, it will drastically change the overall student performance.

Active involvement in class discussions and incorporating technology are techniques that could be used when trying to engage student’s interests. Interactive based learning provides an opportunity to become actively involved in the discussion instead of just listening to an instructor throw huge amounts of information their way. Using technology is a way for students to become active in their learning. Tools such as interactive white boards enable children to engage in classroom games, view websites, and review problems step by step. As technology is advancing students rely on teachers integrating technology into their lessons more frequently. In traditional lectures the teacher gives a large quantity of material, but if the student is not paying attention, does learning occur? By incorporating learner response devices where students can electronic...

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... learning and student satisfaction. Denying students the additional method of teaching is to deny that technology has replaced much of the rote learning used in traditional classrooms.

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