Ruth Rendell Crime Fiction

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Madison Hughes
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Mr. Parris English
March 9, 2014
Ruth Rendell
When you think of crime fiction authors, whom do you think of? One would probably think of James Patterson or maybe Michael Connelly. What about the British woman who has written at least 70 best sellers at the age of 84? The woman whose books are translated into 21 different languages. The woman that when asked if she would ever stop writing said, “Writing makes me happy. I think I would [even] write on a desert island.” Ruth Barbara Rendell is the most famous crime writer in the world. She is known for writing thrillers and psychological murder mysteries. With nicknames such as “New First Lady of Mystery” and “Queen of Crime” how can any other crime writer compare?
A Dark Adapted Eye, Vault, In All Honesty, The Monster in the Box, and A Sight for Sore Eyes are just some of Ruth Rendell’s amazing and heart pounding novels. Ruth wrote From Doon With Death, her first novel, in 1964. “Since then her reputation and readership have grown steadily with each new book.” Rendell’s most famous creation was Chief Inspector Wexford. Wexford is seen as the hero in many popular police stories such as From Doon to Death, The Best Man to die, and Road Rage. Some of these stories have successfully adapted for TV. Also, many of her book were turned into movies, Such as Live Flesh, La Ceremonie, The Bridesmaid, and Alias Betty. For the first decade of Rendell’s career, most of her novels were written in the Wexford series. In the 1970’s, however, she began writing psychological thrillers about psychopathic killers because she thought that the detective genre was limiting and wanted to get out of her comfort zone.
Unlike most authors, Ruth Rendell has a specific style on writing...

... middle of paper ... written so many amazing novels. If I came from a childhood like hers, I don’t know what I would be doing now. Instead she took all of her past experiences and make books out of them. That is truly inspirational and very brave. Rendell is very successful in what she does and should never stop. Even she says that she will never stop. Ruth Rendell is my favorite author and one of the best novelists in the world. I just hope that one day I will end up doing something that I love and have that passion to keep going.

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