The Struggle In Ruth Mcbride's The Color Of Water

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976 words

Everybody on earth faces some type of hardship at some point in their life. Regardless of religious preference most people seek guidance and find comfort through practicing their faith. This is exactly the case for Ruth McBride-Jordan, James McBride’s mother. In the novel The Color of Water, James sends the messages that a strong faith in God can overcome any obstacle and is the foundation for a happy, prosperous life through the story of his mother’s life.

Growing up, Ruth had a rough childhood growing up in a very strict jewish household. Her family was poor, her mother was physically handicapped, her father was verbally and physically abusive, and she faced prejudice and discrimination from her neighbors and classmates because she …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how james' mother ruth mcbride-jordan's faith in god is the foundation for a happy, prosperous life.
  • Narrates how ruth's rough childhood led to her becoming unhappy with her life, especially living in a strict jewish household. she moved to new york, where she met andrew mcbride, who introduced her to christianity.
  • Explains that ruth and dennis faced a lot of obstacles, but because of her strong faith and devotion to god, she was able to overcome every problem.
  • Analyzes how ruth and her 12 children shared a close bond that kept them closely together even when they were separated. ruth instilled strong faith, morals, and dedication to god in their children.
  • Analyzes how ruth chose to stay strong and preserve for her well-being and for the sake of her children. her amazing faith and dedication to god provided her with the strength to fight against and overcome all of the adversity that she faced.

For example, Ruth and Dennis faced a lot of hate and racism as an interaical couple in the 1940’s, when segregation was a dangerous line to cross. Ruth recalls, (3.) “Me and Dennis caused a riot on 105th Street once. A bunch of white men chased us up the street and surrounded Dennis and tried to kill him, throwing bottles and hitting and kicking him..,” demonstrating the severity and the danger of their situation. Yet, in this circumstances and any other time she was faced with adversity, Ruth found comfort in her religion. Despite the consequences, they eventually get married and start a family together. Even though she and Dennis were poor with a growing family, the more her life revolved around God, the happier and more content she was with her life. She says, (4.) “ After we had our first baby in 1943, we moved across the street to a one-room kitchenette that cost six dollars a week. We had a sink, bed, dresser, stove, and a little ice box that the guy came around and put ice in once a week, All of our furniture was stuff we found or we brought from Woolworth and could be fold… The bathroom was in the hallway and it was used by all the tenants and there were roaches everywhere. We had four kids in that one room. We used the dresser drawers as cribs and the kids slept was us on or on fold out cots. We lived in that one room for nine years, and those nine years were the happiest nine year of my life,” conveying that even though she lived a very simple lifestyle and did not have many material things, Ruth and her family were happy and loved each other

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