Royal Bank of Scotland Case Study on RBS Computer Failures

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INTRODUCTION What have you learn in this assignment? Do you get any information and gain knowledge regarding the issue? I was given a task by Madam Manaf to complete the Business Information management assignment about RBS computer failure 'Caused by inexperienced operative in India'. This assignment tells about the computer glitch at the Royal Bank of Scotland which left millions of customers unable to access their accounts could have been caused by just one junior technician in India. The benefit that I learn from this assignment is I gained experience on how to do a thorough research and after doing this assignment I know how to prepare my final year project report. Besides that, I can develop a deeper understanding of the case study that can be conveyed through the lecturers alone. For example in this case study I can understand what the story about and how to answer the question that was asked. Then, what I learn in this assignment is demonstrate that I can conduct research or analysis, at a level appropriate to a Degree program. Degree program required me to answer the question with a longer answer and give the suitable example regarding the question. Furthermore, during doing this assignment I get many information about the RBS computer failure. The information that I get from this case study is I know what is outsourcing and what the competitive advantage that can be gained by companies through IS/IT outsourcing such as, the company can avoid the salary to the IS/IT professional, the company can reduce the cost, make more efficient Workforce in the company and the reduction in building operations and overhead. In addition, what the knowledge I gain regarding the issues is I know the main threats of IS/IT o... ... middle of paper ... ...rret system, 2010, How to protect against Computer Failure. Available at Article base, Aug 26, 2008, Outsourcing: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing Available at James bucki, 2013, Top 6 Outsourcing Disadvantages Available at Michael J. 1996, Earl the Risks of Outsourcing IT Available at Outsource2india, the benefit outsourcing ,2000-2003 Available at APPENDIX
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