Rosa Parks and Shirley Sherrod on Overcoming Racism

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Racism of Yesterday and Today Human rights and racism problems have been occurring for a long time. Rosa Parks and Shirley Sherrod had both gone through other people putting them down with their judgments and racist actions. Rosa defended herself, refusing to leave her seat. Shirley was attacked with media and edited remarks she had made costing her, her job. Then, her “remarks” were posted by a fellow worker, making it seem as if Shirley was the racist, discriminating against whites. Both women have gone through different types of racism, both defending themselves, but for different reasons. Rosa Parks was a very important woman in history, giving people a voice about racism. Rosa was an African American woman who was told move from the back of the bus and give her seat to a white man. “She was already sitting in the “negro” section located in the back of the bus and refused to relinquish her seat” (Stabler 1). This event causes a major controversy with the 20th century civil rights movement in the 1950-1960s. The 1965 action of Rosa Parks sparked the deceleration from the Supreme ...

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