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The Disasters of Love

Love: the most splendid, indescribable, intense euphoric feeling for someone or thing. Young love can cause one to act and think irrationally; as if love had a magical power over ones body and mind. In William Shakespeare’s tragic playwright, Romeo and Juliet, two lovers cross paths set out for them by fate; Although all odds are against them because of a bitter, ongoing family feud, Romeo and Juliet recklessly go against their parent’s will and risk it all for love. Love often results in poor decision-making. Throughout the story, Romeo and Juliet conduct themselves in such a manner that is considered reckless. All through the book the beloved teens haste through everything, get married, and even commit manslaughter; it is safe to say that love can blind people into acting in a way that would normally be considered strange.

When couples are amorous, they learn the hard way that hastiness frequently end in terrible conclusions. Romeo and Juliet’s impatience will end in tragedy. In the beginning of the play, Romeo is preoccupied with Rosaline. He claims that he “Ne'er saw her match since first the world begun” (I.II. 99-100). Lovestruck by Rosaline, Romeo is anguished by Rosaline’s refusal to love him. Yet, later that night, when Romeo and Juliet meet, he suddenly forgets about Rosaline, and he states “Forswear it, sight,/For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night” (I. IV.59-60). By this, not only does Romeo contradict himself, he also validates the fact that their love is based on external beauty. Although, it is destiny for these lovers to be together, they must not rush into complicated things such as love. At some point, even Juliet thinks their love “…is too rash, too unadvised, too sudd...

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...y was to liberate Juliet from her forced marriage and into the arms of Romeo. Apparently Juliet is so miserable that,“If all else fail, [she her]self have power to die” (III.V.242). Juliet is quick to turn to death. With a little preparation and communication, all of this distress could have been avoided, but when one is moonstruck there is no time or thought of rationality.

More often than not, love causes one to lose sight of reality and to make some thoughtless decisions. Love can make one so engrossed in a relationship that they cannot think intelligently. It can cause one to haste through everything, and do things they would never usually do such as get married or even kill a man. Only a select few who have endured something euphoric as love could understand and relate to this subject. Sadly, Romeo and Juliet are not experienced enough to love carefully.
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