Rome and Juliet

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L.O.V.E.: Land of Joy, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Happiness, End of Life

Four letters of the alphabet, e, o, l, v, can cause a variety of consequences such as death or happiness because once arranged in a certain order, they spell love. Love happens to have many different forms that change depending on what and who someone feels love for. When varying types of love intersect, they end up creating chaos or happily ever afters. The endings formed by the intersection depend on whether the love is nice or malicious. Nice love causes weddings with horse-drawn carriages, while malicious love causes people to lose their pulse. Sometimes it does not make a difference how powerful love is, just the fact that someone is feeling affection could cause unwise decisions, since the person could be acting with temerity. The different types of love shown in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare end up either complementing or contradicting each other when it comes to the actions of the characters and the fates of those characters.

The main and most common type of love in Romeo and Juliet is romantic love. Romantic love is when somebody loves someone in a way that his or her heart connects with the other person’s heart and they go on dates, embrace each other, and sometimes get married to each other. When people amorously love each other, they will do bizarre and insane things for each other, so romantic love is very powerful. Romeo says:

Then plainly know my heart’s dear love is set

On the fair daughter of rich Capulet;

As mine on hers, so hers is set on mine,

And all combined, save what thou must combine

By holy marriage. (Shakespeare 2.3.57-61)

Romeo and Juliet both truly, romantically love each other since their hearts connec...

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...p love has to do with people that are not relatives, such as classmates. Fake love is when people think or assume someone is in love and it causes confusion because people are assuming the wrong thing. When types of love complement each other, decisions are simple because the kinds of love support each other. On the other hand, contradicting forms of love make decisions difficult because they do not support each and make the character choose which form of love is more powerful. The different types of love found in a person’s life can amaze some people and when making a decision, thinking about how kinds of love interact can make deciding effortless. Although we all might think those four letters of the alphabet are very trouble-some, we have to admit that without them, our lives would be nondescript because everyone needs a little love in their life to enjoy.
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