Romanticism In Literature: The Relationship Between Society And Literature

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The relationship between society and literature is really interesting when it comes to the topic romance and forbidden love in novels is very interesting some authors call it romanticism one fictional novel that has to do with romanticism is twilight. Some textual quotes from the novel is Bella quotes to her father “Love is not something that just a thing you just say or act, love is something you can’t describe and I love Edward no matter if he’s a vampire or not. This involves society and literature because in all of the novel Edward and Bella was a prime example on why love can conquer all even included the love that Jacob had for her. One thing interesting thing about romance in novels are all of the mystery throughout all of the novels…show more content…
From the last Twilight book breaking dawn part 2 the love triangle and romance toke a flip side when Jacob had imprinted on Bella and Edward’s daughter and he fell in love with her. That’s a prime example of romanticism and forbidden love because Jacob implanted on her while she was a new born baby and as she grows in vampire term she’ll grow up Jacob loving Bella’s and Edward’s daughter is a prime example of forbidden switching up when you least expecting it. Another book that involves romanticism is twelfth night that being said a textual quote from this story is that Duke was head in love with Olivia but when her brother died she fell into a deep depression and was in mourning for four years. But later on in the story the romance and love story switches when the readers least expected it Olivia whines up falling in love and marrying Sebastian. OH NO there’s more to the switch around Viola one of the main character who disguised herself as a man named Cesario so she would be able to work for Duke in his…show more content…
The main point to this claim is forbidden love and romance can be a beautiful thing in novels but sometimes can be tragic in other ways that will leave a reader breathless and asking for more. Let’s go back to the novel twilight but to the very first book of the novel series Bella had moved in with her father when she met Edward she didn’t know that he was a vampire but in her eyes it was love at first sight but once she found out he was a vampire, something told Bella this is going to end badly but the love that she had for Edward. One of the worst fears that Bella could have ever imagined when Edward introduced her to his families for her birthday everything seemed fine until one of Edward’s sister gave Bella a present and she cut herself while tearing the wrapping paper blood started to drip and his brother Chester tried attacking Bella but luckily everyone was able to hold him back from killing her. That’s one resort on why forbidden love can be deadly in any type of way

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