Comparison Of Chalfirism In 'The Girl With The Hungry Eyes'

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The story of Chugoro is a classic vampire tale. Although, it doesn’t strictly follow the most common idea of what a vampire is; it carries many of the themes within it. Chugoro is the main protagonist in the story. Chugoro falls in love with a woman and continues to pursue the love despite it clearly being against his better judgement. He marries her on a spur of the moment decision made under a supernatural spell. The marriage had to remain quite secretive, due to laws of the paranormal. Hiis nightly escapades become worrisome to his fellow ashigaru that he was living with, due to him visibly becoming ill. To ease their fears Chugoro chooses to break his vow of silence and tells a comrade of his marriage, sealing his death later that night. For readers who associate vampires with modern tales, Chugoro links to vampirism do not show clearly on the surface. Especially, when glossing over finer points as the summary above does. However, it has vampire traits in the use of the…show more content…
This is a common theme, especially within the tales that we have seen;most notably comparable is the tale The Girl with the Hungry Eyes. A magical lust is used by the vampire. This tactic seems to be most common in literature about female vampires and Chugoro is no exception. Love is used as a manipulation tactic, but it is compounded with being forbidden which makes the love all the more enticing. Chugoro even recalls briefly a tale warning him of such follies made by foolish lovers, when he falls for the vampire. Forbidden love is a commonplace in modern day vampire tales. Romeo and Juliet is often thought of as a perfect love story and a modern comparison is Twilight. Twilight, although heavily mocked as a vampiric story within pop culture, seems to follow a trend of forbidden love stories that date back to novels such as Carmilla and Dracula.
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