Romantic Hero

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A romantic hero is a person that seems to be the outcast, he may or may not be wealthy, he will have his own set of moral codes, his life is filled with strife, which he overcomes and wins. He is also in tune with nature and his feelings. The romantic hero is a rebel that ignores the set rules of society in pursuit of their own self fulfillment. Mary Shelly both supports and critiques the concept in her novel. Frankenstein demonstrates many traits of the romantic hero. He is in tune with nature, has intense feelings that guide his actions, periods of being alone and being seen as the underdog, his moral code is questionable, and stifle is ever-present in his life. He is very much driven by his emotions, “My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehement” (pg19). He was also overcome with emotions while trying to create his creature, “no one can conceive the variety of feelings which bore me onwards, like a hurricane, in the first enthusiasm of success” (pg 32). There are several things that show he has his own moral code. He sees nothing wrong with creating a creature or torturing animals to benefit his work. “A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me” (pg 32). He has much strife in his life all of which seems to be self-induced. He is isolated while working on his creature “I became nervous to a painful degree: I became nervous to a painful degree; the fall of a leaf startled me, and I shunned my fellow creatures as if I had been guilty of a crime.” (pg 34). He loses many love ones by the hand of the creature he created and he spends his life struggling to end what he created. The Monster is in my opinion portrayed as the true romantic hero.... ... middle of paper ... ... but your abhorrence cannot equal that with which I regard myself” (pg 165) and vows to kill himself. Mr. Walton has to give up his dream for the sake of his crew which makes him a true hero. In conclusion I think that the romantic hero is a very important character in literature. The romantic hero creates passion, excitement, and is easily related to. This was my first time reading Frankenstein, and I liked it a lot. I think I found the monster the most romantic hero he had to overcome so much and yet still suffered. If only he had been treated properly from his creation, if he was taken in with the acceptance he craved would he have been a monster? I think he only suffered because he was an unaccepted in society and by his creator and like a child that is ignored by a parent acts out to gain their attention. This book is an excellent example of a romantic hero.
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