Romantic Era Essay

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The Romantic Era began in the late 18th century. It was a period of literature and arts.
Romanticism is described as the basis of the fact that reason cannot explain everything. Romantic artists tried to reach their audience through a deeper and an enhanced emotional appeal. The Romantic Era was seen as a rebellion towards the Enlightenment. Romantic thinkers created a different idea to the middle ages than enlightenment thinkers. They used this time as a way to expand their knowledge and become more spiritually adventurous. The Romantic Era was seen as a revolt to the age of Enlightenment. It can sometimes be described as an opposite of “classicism”. Rousseau believed in the goodness and the natural while romanticism is a logic that is not meant to be explained or questioned, because there are no answers. On a larger scale, it was more widespread both in its origins and influence. Romanticism was largely based on self-expression. Not only was there a revolution in Romanticism but there was also a comparable revolution in music. The revolution of romantic music lasted from about 1820 to 1900. Germany largely invested in Musical Romanticism. One respected French reference work defines it entirely in terms of “The role of music in the aesthetics of German romanticism”. Romantic music describes an era of Western classical music. Romantic music took control over the Romantic period in Germany. The characteristics of music that evolved and influenced development during the Romantic Era were the elements of music, acclaimed musicians lifestyles, famous composers, and the events in history that inspired these composers.
Music of the Romantic Era had many distinct qualities. The characteristics of Romantic Music are individu...

... middle of paper ... expressed through emotion, imagination, and individuality. The period of Romanticism opened up a new Era to the world and continued that throughout other time periods. The art of self expression had become a new staple in western countries. The distinct qualities of romantic music made it simple to identify any artist and their work. The characteristics described through romantic music inspired composers to create a new form of the art important to them. Romanticism is one of the first ways artists stressed to reach their audiences through deep emotional appeals. Events in history were not always seen as a tragedies but as inspirations for pieces of music. Elements of music, acclaimed musicians lifestyles, famous composers, and the events in history that inspired these composers all are the contributing factors to the influential period of the Romantic Era.
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