Roles And Aspects Of A Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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There are many expectations and roles for adolescents, especially daughters. Many young girls are taught from an early age how to act and what to do in order to fit into the small box that is being a mother, wife, or daughter. This box includes knowing how to make food for the family, clean up after others, and constantly being polite and respectable. When someone cannot or will not fit into the box, they are judged and looked down upon. Although women and children in the past have always had strict and specific duties in the home, today these expectations are unrealistic and unfair, and therefore these assumptions should be challenged.
Girl by Jamaica Kincaid is about the roles and expectations in society. The article is written as
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This idea that young women are not as successful or cannot be as successful as men restricts many girls today. They already have it in their mind that they cannot do what they want simply because they are a girl and must first and foremost be a daughter or a wife. There has always been the idea that women and children should be seen and not heard. Teenage girls being considered both a child and a girl gives little room to voice opinions and restricts young women. It is as if someone is always watching behavior and image but not actually listening to anything that…show more content…
She cares so much about the appearance and perception of her daughter by the rest of society that even doing something normal could be considered too promiscuous. This type of social pressure and judgement can be extremely harmful for young women. It is difficult to understand how is it expected that young women should be polite but not too friendly as not to give off the wrong impression. There is a thin line teenage girl are supposed to be walking but it is virtually impossible. There is also harsh stereotyping towards teenage boys Kincaid calls "wharf-rat boys." Likely being a "slut" or a "wharf-rat boy" means they are a in a lower class and seen as unworthy of talking to people not also considered a part of the same social

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