Role Of Zoos

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Over the years, we have seen propaganda, documentaries, misinformation, beliefs and choices that have been made in and by zoos. With all of this, it means our judgement and others have been clouded by what media has told us. If we look at zoos in other regions, and those affected by war, then does your viewpoint change on what and how you see zoos?
What about zoos in other regions of the world? This question is a good one; as it applies to regional views. Zoos all over the world have different rules; for visitors and their animals, depending on who and where they are located. China has a main focus on saving their giant pandas from extinction; note they are vulnerable, but can end up endangered once more. Some zoos run on donations; Cheyenne Mountain zoo and Dartmoor zoo, while others are federally paid; Denver zoo. Each zoo has a mascot to be the main view; Cheyenne mountain has a giraffe, Denver has a lion, Australia zoo has a crocodile, but under that mascot are other animals branched out. This means that no zoo is a like; they may have the same animals, but their rules and lifestyle are entirely different.
How about war torn regions? Wars have been going on for years; my dad fought in Baghdad twice, and not only is it devastating to the people; but to the zoo animals. Taiz zoo in Yemen; who’s animals are
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This does not change it as zoos are here as conservation and education; we are here to save the animals, and make more people aware of the situation at hand. I believe that we shouldn’t turn our heads or back to problems that zoos are suffering, going through misunderstanding or beliefs of what others say. This means propaganda, misinformation, or organizations; for example, PETA, should not matter on what actions we are to make. We have a job to do for these animals, and this world; because if we don’t take that first leap, then we have not just lost the fight but we have lost the
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