Rhetorical Analysis Of Let's Keep Zoos '

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Importance of Zoos: Rhetorical Analysis of "Let 's Keep Zoos: Learning stewardship is a good thing."

Animal rights have become a very serious issue here in the United States over the last few decades. One issue that has been discussed is whether or not zoos serve a good purpose or are they just a torture chamber for the animals. Locked up in small cages so people can yell at them and stare. Or are zoos the key to save our species in an ever growing human population. Rachel Lu, a philosophy teacher and senior columnist, writes the article, “Let’s Keep Zoos: Learning stewardship is a good thing.”, published April 18, 2014, argues that zoos are worth keeping. Rachel Lu uses her personal experiences to appeal to her audience that zoos are valuable to people especially young children because it gives them a perspective on nature.
Lu, sets the stage by explaining her personal experience on the African safari that her and her husband got to go on. She talks about seeing a lion eating a fresh kill and a mother elephant with her baby. However, unless you can afford to go on these safaris, most people will never get to experience these animals in true natural environment. Lu explains that on an African safari, you surrounded by people
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Zoos do confine animals to restricted areas and the challenges of living in the wild. Lu explains that she believes that animals do adapt and live a happy life. The animals are fed well and don’t have to fight to survive. She brings up many other good points about how people expect the same rights for animals as they do humans. She explains this by comparing an animal being killed vs if a human was killed. “There is a hierarchy of creatures, in which human good is properly valued above that of beasts.”, Lu states. She makes a clear point that most animals rights people try to deny but we all know it be to true. Nobody wants an animal to suffer in any
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