Why Are Zoos Bad For Animals

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A modern question in today's age, are zoos bad for the animals. There are facts from both sides of this argument. They are not capturing the animals from the wild anymore they are born and raised in the zoos. They use antidepressants to keep the animals happy from being in a pen. Zoos are bad for animals in the fact of keeping them penned up and not letting them be free.

They need to be free in wild where they belong they were put there for a reason and that reason is really important. Its proven that animals don't do well in zoos and if the zookeeper's really cared they wouldn't treat the animals like they do. My claim was zoos are bad for animals and do humans no good, i said that its proven that animals don't do well in zoos and the only people that don't realize this is the zookeepers themselves. It won't necessarily save their lives but will make them more happy and not so depressed. This can make them stressed out and sick. And
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With the technical advancement we have today there are other ways to help children learn. And when the children are there they aren't going to the zoo to learn they are there to look at the animals there are close to 40 websites where you can not only learn about the animals but learn how to read, some websites even have videos where you can learn. This applies to my claim because i think that zoos are bad for animals and with the cameras and drones we have now we can literally watch these animals in their natural habitat. Sometimes kids can't even see the animals when they are there because the animals are sleeping with the drones we can see what they do when they sleep and where without harming them nor disturbing them. If we do this it will send the non hurt and non injured animals back to their natural place, Also if we come to this i feel like an animal expert on a video telling the kids what the animal is doing and what is going on will be more factual than them trying to pick it all up on their
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