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Sydney A. Zine Mrs. Cowan Honors English 11- 2nd 31 March 2014 Research Paper “The best way out of difficulty is through it” was a quote from Robert Frost. He is a great American writer that has influenced literature in many ways. Frost was a “poet who was much admired for is depictions of the rural life of New England, his command of American colloquial speech, and his realistic verse portraying” (Biography). Frost, born on March 26, 1874, was raised in California with his family. As a child, frost loved to read and write and he spent most of his free time reading. He was interested in all kinds of literature and he uses some of these in his works. His favorite type of speech was using colloquial speech. Colloquial speech is mostly informal writing or some form of speech that will never be used in formal works. However, Frost loved it and it was almost expected since he was known as a farm boy. Robert Frost’s work was influenced by the Derry farm where he grew up, the tragic deaths in his family, and the beauty of nature. Frost work was majorly influenced by his experiences at the Derry farm. In the early years of his life, he lived with Isabelle Frost his mother, Jeanie Frost his sister, and William Frost his father. After his father’s death his mother moved him and his sister to Lawrence, MS, to live with their grandparents. His grandparents lived on a farm called the Derry Farm, where he took up farming to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. They lived on a small property given to them by the children’s grandfather. “Nothing played a more vital role in the poet’s life than this 30-acre farm with pasture, fields, woodlands, orchard and gentle spring” (Thompson). Frost was known to “link poems to specifi... ... middle of paper ... ...used on his poetry. Selling the Derry farm to support his family was something that took a lot of courage. Just as much as continuing his dream while his family faded away one by one. Nature was one of the few things that were on his side; meaning nature did not affect him in many bad ways. Frost is one of the many poets that are worldwide famous. This is mostly because he went to England and became popular over there, and then he came back to the United States and became even more famous. One of his main goals in life was to write poetry and get discovered, which he did and even though many horrific thing came with his fame he still accomplished it. In conclusion, throughout this paper the reader will see that Robert Frost was an exceptional poet that went through hardship like any other human and made it; therefore, he will be remembered throughout history.

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