Robert Frost's Experience of Nature

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Robert Frost wrote his poems during the early- to mid-20th century, and that was during the time period of a huge change in the rural community. This was a very influential point for the people in America, because of the drastic changes of a rural community. People were used to living on secluded farms, that had no grocery store and everything relied on their work on the farm. Children would grow up around nature and using the world around them as their playground. With the new rural community people were getting away from the isolation and moving into mass groups into cities, which rid of nature as a playground for little kids. It seemed as if nature was being thrown out of the picture as the world grew, but Robert Frost made a point of including the beauty and importance of nature in his poems. There is something poetic about nature, and Robert Frost always mentioned these in his poems. In Frost’s poems, Birches, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and Out, Out-, he includes the importance for children to play on trees, to admire all nature around, and to stop to admire nature sometimes.
In Birches, Frost recalls childhood memories of swinging on willow tree branches, and pleads for his life to start over to experience the same thing; it is important for kids to experience nature this way. Kids are the youngest and most lively in the community, with all of that comes a lot of energy. The best way to exclude energy is to get it out of their system, and a strong tree branch to swing on might be the best way. Not only do they get to have huge amounts of fun, and exclude exess energy, but they experience nature in a whole new way. Robert Frost looked at the drooping branches with a view of opptomistic, because he understood tha...

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...boy who died so suddenly in Frost’s poem, Out, Out-.
Over the past a hundred years, the people on this earth had been slowly killing nature. Nature is where they come from, and where all happiness truly exsists. Robert Frost was aware of this problem and wrote of nature in his poems to help people realize how important it is in their own lives. Slowly the people have tried to make an effort to save nature, and it is all because of the great experiences they have had with nature. Without nature there would be no peace, science, or beauty in the world. Today there is multiple people who work along with nature and have made a huge influence on how people will treat the earth in the future. Through all the hard work of people like Frost, and modern day people, the earth will be preserved for the future generations to experience nature in the ways of their ancestors.

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