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This report was requested by Winston Hiliau, to discuss a roading project listed on the Auckland Transport website. Of all the given current and completed projects, I have chosen “Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street Upgrade” as my report topic.

The New Zealand government has a $30 million budget to upgrade and widen Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street located between Clark Street and the intersection of New Windsor Road and Maioro Street. The project’s aim is to increase road safety and to provide an efficient road environment for all users. The construction has started on August 2012 and is expected to be completed this month.


The number of vehicles expected to use the busy 2.2km sketch of arterial road each day is 31,400. Since 1920s, the busy route served as a helpful route to the community that provides access to homes and businesses in West Auckland. The demand for a higher standard of urban roads has increased over the years. To meet the challenges and demands of the future, the corridor needs an upgrade.

Problem statement

Due to increase in population and traffic flow, road user demands will increase significantly in the next few years. Installing safer pedestrian islands, safer four-lane route between State Highway 20 and Portage Road, New Lynn, safer footpaths, and safer intersections will help provide the community a safer and efficient working environment.

Project objectives and benefits

Recently, Deputy Local Board Chair Susan Zhu and board member Duncan MacDonald have visited the site and said the project will be beneficial to the public.

The Tiverton-Wolverton upgrade, seeks to:

1. Widening the existing roads by creating four more lanes (two in each direction) from Cl...

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