Rhetorical Essay In Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

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Jonathan Swift is the king of satire known for his seemingly unorthodox works throughout the early 18th century. Swift capitalizes in his arguments by hooking a targeted audience with expert use of logic, tragedy, and character. In “A Modest Proposal” Swift uses exaggerated rhetoric and irony to emphasize his disdain for the troubles facing Ireland throughout the turn of the 17th century. Most of Ireland has succumb to poverty due to English bullying and therefore Swift developed a do-it-yourself solution for those most affected by these hard times. Jonathan Swift effectively persuades poverty-stricken mothers to sell their needy children as consumable meat for Ireland’s betterment through the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in his satire “A…show more content…
Swifts use of pathos paints the picture of the hardships the mothers of Ireland are facing in order to capture their attention. He explains these mothers are forced to beg to earn a living rather than making an honest living (Swift). The vicious cycle Swift further explains in “A Modest Proposal” highlights these children will grow to follow in their parents footsteps of begging unless action is taken. Mothers, fathers, and country all will benefit from less children to rear, a decrease in abortions, and profit from the sale of their children. Furthermore Swift logically lays out numerous additional rewards if his proposal is…show more content…
Swift explains not only do one year old needy infants taste good, bring home “Ten Shillings”, but sharp decrease in the Irish mouths that need feeding (Swift). Swift also provides a logical example of an invalid counter argument to his proposal. Swift in return asks any author of contradiction to consider the debt 100,000 infants will soon bring the country in addition to the lack of resources available to feed these many souls. Throughout Swift’s logical argument he leaves no doubt that his proposal is the answer to Ireland’s

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