Rhetorical Analysis In The Great Gatsby

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This passage shows Nick making his way through New York at night, seeing the sights and narrating the way this external stimuli makes him feel. It exemplifies the manner in which Nick interacts with the world around him, often as an observer, rather than participant, and is integral to the development of his character. Fitzgerald utilizes vivid imagery throughout the paragraph, paired with a strong narrative regarding Nick’s experience in New York; furthermore provoking the audience to ponder a theme central to the novel. The paragraph starts with a description of his liking for New York, using lucid examples of why he does, such as “the satisfaction that the constant flicker of men and women...gives to the restless eye” (Fitzgerald 56). He goes on to picture himself picking up women from Fifth Avenue, becoming involved romantically, fantasizing about being welcomed into their homes. There is a shift in tone, however, after this fantasy, wherein Nick expounds his isolation: “I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes” (Fitzgerald 56). His heart sympathizes with the individuals having to work nights, in order to feed themselves, instead of seizing the moment and partaking in the pleasures the city has to offer. These vivid descriptions work to present Nick’s character and mental process, and are central to his development as …show more content…

In addition, his sympathy towards the individuals in the city who cannot even fantasize, due to their necessity of work, shows his pensiveness, somewhat contradicting many characters in the novel. The world he has had a taste of, Gatsby’s world, is out of contact with the world which Nick is interacting with now. Gatsby’s experience is residing in West Egg, while the people surrounding Nick right now may never even see West Egg. Herein lies Nick’s thoughtfulness and observational

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