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The revolutionary war was evolutionary because when the second continental congress adopted the Declaration of Independence which was were the Americans declared independence everything changed and they signed the declaration on July 4th 1776. And that meant that they would need to get a commander in chief so the appointed George Washington who was an amazing general but they didn’t have much of an army just a lot of minutemen. Which are untrained people who just joined who were basically, a militia. But before they signed the declaration they had to get all the colonies on board and that’s when Benjamin franklin said "JOIN or DIE". And join or die was meant to get all the other colonies on board with going to war. Because that would be one of the only ways that they would have enough soldiers to even stand a chance against the …show more content…

Which was where they taxed people without having a reason. Which was tyranny and tyranny being were the king did whatever he wanted because he had power. But john parker played an important part in starting the war because he's the one who said "If they mean war let it begin here". Which was basically saying don’t be a coward let's bring the war to them. Another reason that they went to war was because Brittan liked to cause trouble like how they started the French and Indian war which was were the French and the Indians fought together against Brittan. They also let the colonies rule themselves which is called salutary neglect. But before they started the war the sons of liberty which were rebels had thrown tea off of a ship. And tarring and feathering which was where they tarred and feathered people. Something else that sparked the revolutionary war was when the British started the Boston massacre when they shot into a crowd of patriots which were people who were rebelling. And the loyalist were people who were loyal to

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